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About the Norfolk Trout Club

The Norfolk Trout Club is comprised of over 100 men and women from the New England area who enjoy fly-fishing and the camaraderie of fellow fishermen. The log cabin clubhouse, wooded surroundings and three ponds create a rural retreat from the members' daily routines.

For reference, here's a copy of the Club's By-Laws and Rules & Regulations.

The Club is managed by Officers of the Corporation and by a Board of Governors. The Officers consist of a President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. Officers are elected by a majority of regular members present at the Annual Meeting to serve one-year terms. The President and the Vice President may hold office for no more than two consecutive years. The Treasurer and the Secretary may hold office with no restrictions on successive years of duty.

The Board of Governors consists of nine members, three of which are elected to serve for a term of three years, three for a period of two years, and three for a period of one year, and in number each year thereafter to insure that the Board shall always have nine members. The Board of Governors is elected by a majority vote of regular members present at the Annual meeting.

Officers/Board of Governors (click to download PDF)

The Board appoints committees to oversee the management of operations including: Membership, Nominating, House & Grounds, Fish, Ponds and Auditing.

Committee Chairs & Members (click to download PDF)

Maps of our ponds are here

Phillips/Upper (click to download PDF)

Collidge/Middle (Click to download PDF)

Harlow/Lower (Click to download PDF)