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The Norfolk Trout Club consists of 100 members, plus honorary members. There are two classifications of membership, regular and associate. Regular members are the holders of participant certificates; there is a maximum of 50 regular members. Regular members are eligible to hold office, vote and share in the ownership of the Corporation's assets. Associate members shall possess all other privileges given to regular members.

Candidates for membership are eligible for consideration once they are proposed by a regular member and seconded by two other regular members. An application should be submitted by mail to the Secretary for the Membership Committee to consider and make recommendations to the Board of Governors. A two-thirds vote by the Board is necessary for acceptance of new members.

Membership Dues & Fees
Annual Membership dues: $825.00 per year
Family Membership dues: $925.00 per year
Member Initiation fee: $1,500.00

Locker Fees
Large Locker fee: $50.00 per year
Small Locker fee: $25.00 per year

Guest Fees:
Guest fee (Adult): $20.00 per guest
Guest fee (Child): $5.00 per guest

Useful documents:

2018 Membership Badge List (PDF)
Membership Application (PDF)

Quick Start Guide (PDF)